Please give us a call at 513-443-8351 (this is a Google Voice phone number that if we can’t get to when it rings it will transcribe your message and then emails a copy to us, and it receives text messages as well. It helps keep us organized with our “day” jobs), or use the form below to send a message. You can also reach us via email at sales@ (just remove the space!).

Please include your mobile phone number, we try to respond within 24 hours or less but the response from us occasionally ends up being placed in the spam/junk mail folder. If we don’t hear back from you after responding via email we’d like to be able to follow-up with a text message. If you’d prefer not to leave a phone number, please keep an eye out for a message from our domain (@EmptyGourdAcres) in the spam/junk mail folder.

Hopefully you see a “I’m not a robot” box below the from – if not the message will fail and then the box will show up and hopefully make it through the second time around. Isn’t technology wonderful!

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Empty Gourd Acres is conveniently located off of I-75 from the Cincinnati-Dayton Road Exit #21. We’re two exits north of I-275 that surrounds the city of Cincinnati.

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