Hemp Bedding Survey

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and help us figure out if we should pick up an additional supplier for Hemp Animal Bedding.

Due to supply chain issues, we’re looking at picking up another brand of Hemp Animal Bedding. It is domestically sourced, so hopefully it will be more readily available for the foreseeable future.

We’ve been carrying Old Dominion Hemp Animal Bedding since last summer and in 2021, it was readily available. Old Dominion Hemp’s material is imported from Europe and they’ve been having difficulty receiving product, which of course means we’ve been having difficulty as well.

We were approached by the folks at Pure Advantage about their product and they sent us a sample of their hemp animal bedding. Here are our thoughts:

Pure Advantage BrandOld Dominion Brand
30# Bag33# Bag
lighter in color – larger piecesdarker in color – smaller pieces
smells like fresh cut hayless smell straight from bag
Price per bag – $44 *subject to changePrice per bag – $31 *subject to change
supplier ready to shipsupplier thinking available 4th quarter 22

We’re thinking about ordering a pallet from Pure Advantage, which is the equivalent of 50 bags. We’re trying to get a feel for your thoughts and interest in purchasing a more expensive brand of bedding before we make a commitment and place the order.

If you’re interested in Pure Advantage Hemp Bedding or you are willing to wait until our regular Old Dominion Hemp Bedding is available, please complete the pre-order list at the Hemp Bedding Survey Response page. We do plan on continuing to carry Old Dominion Hemp brand, we’re looking for an additional source due to how scarce the bedding is at this time.